Web development, web design and graphics

Welcome! I'm a free-lancer web developer and designer; I can work either as an individual or B2B through GraphBiz.

I have worked for large companies, most recently and currently coding emails and landing pages for the healthcare business, but I also create websites for small businesses and artists. I code for mobile devices, in addition to the desktop computer's screen, as mobile usage already surpassed desktop devices usage, so responsive design is the norm now.
  • Web development
  • Web design
  • Web images
  • Photo editing
  • E-mail coding (e-cards)

Detail-oriented by nature

If you are interested on having a website or improving your current one, on having email marketing code that works or even to ask about websites and technology, get all my attention by contacting me through the form on this website. Not that it matters in these times of globalization, but I am based in Old Saybrook, CT, US.

You can see some small samples of my work on this page, but be aware that I work mostly as an external contractor for companies with strict policies that do not allow me to show work done for them as mine, for legal, security and marketing reasons, and most jobs are for campaigns with limited running time. I have also created some WordPress websites that required a considerable amount of customization. Attention to detail is a must for me, as it's a website that truly works.

Some of the samples on this website were done a while ago with Adobe Flash, which is not supported anymore by a number of operational systems (iOS, for example), devices and browsers, so some tablets, iPhones and some Android phones won't be able to show them. They are shown here for illustrative purposes only, as design and programming samples.
Simple websites,
clean designs, efficient web development
Simple HTML/CSS:
Big Time in New York
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Graphic design and programming:
Portrait of Adele
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Sami Mattar, Artist’s Portfolio
Web Design:
Lopes Garcia, Artist’s Portfolio
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