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Welcome! I'm a web developer and designer. I have been working for large companies, most recently and currently coding emails and landing pages for the healthcare business, but I also create websites for small businesses and individuals.

Responsive design is a big deal, mobile devices are currently the top target, so you have to be sure it works for them. If you need more info or have questions, use my contact form. I can work as contract, free-lancer or W2, and also B2B through GraphBiz.
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  • E-mail coding (e-cards)

Get it right from the start

I have worked as a web designer and developer in several different companies, and on my own through this website. I have owned small businesses, so I know what being one is all about. I have also worked as the manager of an IT department, and know hands-on that technology is all about adapting to and adopting new software and hardware, troubleshooting a lot and learning every day.

I'm always researching and finding new and better ways to code emails and websites, to introduce new technology to do the work of making messages go through, smoothly and error-free, whatever the target audience is. In summary, serious work to help people and companies succeed.

If you are interested on having a website or improving your current one, on having email marketing code that works or even to ask about websites and technology, contact me through the form on this website, I'll be more than happy to help you. I am a US-based developer.

You can see some small samples of my work on this page, but be aware that I work mostly as an external contractor for companies with strict policies that do not allow me to show work done for them as mine, for legal, security and marketing reasons, and most jobs are for campaigns with limited running time. I can also setup and customize WordPress websites, Two Blondes in Two Cities was one of them.

Some of the samples on this website were done a while ago with Adobe Flash, which is not supported anymore by some operational systems (iOS, for example), devices and browsers, so some tablets, iPhones and some Android phones won't be able to show them. They are shown here for illustrative purposes only, as design and programming samples.
Simple websites, clean designs, efficient web development
WordPress setup and customization:
Two Blondes in Two Cities
Simple HTML/CSS:
Big Time in New York
Graphic design and programming:
Graphic design and programming:
Portrait of Adele
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Web Design:
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Web design: